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Strain Name: Mango
Grade: A
Type: Indica

Smell: Like someone poured fresh squeezed mango juice on some really skunky pot.
Taste: After taking a fat bong rip of this stuff the taste was like I just bit into a mango. All I could taste was mangos.
Effects: An instant Indica buzz. As soon as I inhaled my eyelids and cheeks started to feel droopy and warm, and within the next five minutes that feeling spread throughout the rest of my body. I tried to get up to grab my phone and order a pizza but it was like my legs didn’t want to move.
Potency: Very potent- the high lasted for almost four hours and i stayed in pretty much the same place on the couch for the entire time.



Buy Mango Dream

Many people believe that if a bud tastes good it that can’t possibly be potent. Not so, my friend. This strain is both great tasting and mind-bending in all of the best ways. The genetics of this lady are unknown due to breeder secrecy, however, most believe that it is a cross between Mango and Blue Dream.

Among the many secrets that this strain brings to the table are its specific THC levels. They are either unknown because of lack of testing or due to breeder secrecy, but that depends on who you ask. Regardless, many believe it to be between 18% and 23% because of its strength. The nugs come out so bright green that they are almost yellow, covered in light orange hairs and frosty white trichomes. Besides looking like mangoes they also smell generously tropical. The flavors are fruity and bright, giving the smoke a light and easy feeling.

A thoroughly cerebral rush, Mango Dream will have you up and awake after just a couple of hits. Some have compared the instant uptick to a cup of coffee. It crashes over your body like a brisk wind, causing tingles and euphoria, making it a great bud for a wake and bake session or an afternoon snack. Though this is a strong high, new users will enjoy this bud in moderation.

Mango Dream is great for medical users looking for a break from symptoms of depression or stress. It is occasionally used for mild cases of pain and fatigue, but all-in-all, is not recommended for use of recurring problems with either. If you find that on occasion marijuana agitates your anxiety, this bud would be one to pass on as it is known to energize you, which can sometimes have adverse effects.

If you like to grow your own marijuana, this is a great plant for intermediate users with a green thumb. This strain will flourish indoors or out and has a lovely aroma of mangoes and earth that would make a nice companion to any indoor system. With a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, this product generally gives an average yield.

Indulge in this sweet dessert bud and get that high as a treetop feeling without ever leaving the ground. With flavors so delectable, like mango sorbet, you’ll be reaching for this bud time and time again. Have a toke of Mango Dream in the morning and start the day off right.

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